The unexpecteds start flowing in

It’s always smooth sailing for the first few days of college basketball season, but then the inevitable upsets begin to occur. Take today’s scores.

New Mexico beat Cal 63-54 in two overtimes, and Bears Coach Joanne Boyle isn’t happy about it.

(Idaho also needed two overtimes to be UC Santa Barbara tonight…..did UCLA and Notre Dame start a trend Thursday night?)

Oregon State won its third consecutive regular-season game tonight against Cal State Northridge at the University of Hawaii tournament. The Beavers, incredibly, are 3-0; Northridge is 0-3. But it’s the Matadors that have the story on their website – not OSU. The Beavs went out to dinner afterwards and got a tour of the kitchen.

Richmond beat North Carolina State 81-75.

There will be more upsets, to be sure.

Some of tomorrow’s games will be intense:

#10 Kentucky vs. #12 Notre Dame

#14 Florida State vs. #20 Vanderbilt

DePaul vs. Purdue

Middle Tennessee vs. Arkansas