Open practice weekend, and other items

It seems that it’s open practice for numerous colleges around the country this weekend. I’m still waiting for stories/articles and Facebook pages to be posted. The Oregon Ducks have the first “practice day report” that I know of right now.

The ’07 and ’08 championship-winning Lady Vols were honored at a Tennessee football game last month, after which they had dinner with the current Vols. The youngins got a lot out of it, and are still thinking about that evening:

Memories of the dinner and an evening of conversation linger for Johnson, along with a specific feeling.

“They’re 10 times more confident than we were and so building off their confidence we gained a lot,” she said. “If they’re confident about it, we should be just as confident, if not more. If they didn’t think we can do it, they wouldn’t tell us that we can.”

I’ve said it so many times – it’s all about self-belief.

Tough injury tales:

LSU’s Andrea Kelly is “the toughest-luck kid” Coach Van Chancellor says he has ever coached.

Khadijah Rushdan of Rutgers has had a similarly long road back from injury.


Ashley Robinson is adjusting to playing in Australia’s WNBL.