Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the top choice of them all?

Oregon State news:

This piece headlines the fact that the squad will practice against men, but that’s probably the least interesting piece of info there. More juicy is that the new team will be short, and Coach Scott Rueck still needs one more assistant.

Walk-ons can make an impact this year, including a player Rueck coached at his former school…..strange.

Other college items:

Associate head coach Barb Smith has resigned her position at the University of Minnesota.

Oregon Ducks preview piece…..I guess Nia Jackson is playing this season after all. Cool.

UConn Coach Geno Auriemma is quite certain that his team will break its winning streak this year and lose. They have five freshmen, after all.

In one pre-season poll, TCU was picked first and SDSU second in the Mountain West Conference.

Arizona State hopes to rebound from a down year this season.


Kenny Kallina provides a nice roundup of recruits and their upcoming visits.

Bonus: who knows where today’s headline comes from?