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College hoops practice starts early this year

A new NCAA rule allows teams to begin practices 40 days before their first game, instead of 30 days. Teams are still only allowed 30 practices, which gives them more time to adjust to the system while resting.

While some coaches are opting to start on the traditional third week in October, it seems that many more are beginning practices this week. On twitter tonight, there are reports from the following colleges about the first day of practice today: Louisiana Tech, Arizona State, Texas, Arizona, UCLA, Cal, North Carolina State and Tennessee, just to name a few. Rutgers and Oregon State will begin Wednesday.

It’s a good idea. Teams have already been conditioning and scrimmaging together for most of the summer. Why not get “the real thing” started sooner and get them focused? A month isn’t much time to prepare for a long season. A little longer is a lot better.

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