Morning of the first day of the WNBA Finals

While I’m grateful for all the WNBA Finals coverage, I don’t feel like sifting through a million publications to find the stories. Fortunately, hoopfeed doesn’t feel the same way. A great list of links is here.

By far THE most interesting story of the entire month is this interview with Lisa Leslie, where she makes this candid revelation:

Q.Would you ever consider a comeback?

A.In July, I was asked by the Sparks to come back as a player, but I said no because I’m really enjoying this chapter of my life. I was always able to contribute at a level that was expected of me, and I don’t want to stay out there until I can’t do that anymore, which a lot of athletes do. I don’t want to come back and get my shot blocked, so I will not Brett Favre you with a comeback.

Wow! So the Sparks were so desperate at 5-13 by July 4 that they asked Lisa Leslie to come back to the game????

I’m speechless.

USA Basketball stuff:

The US team has incredible talent, says the Guru.

Coach Geno Auriemma obviously wants the WNBA Finals to be over quickly.

Autralia has Liz Cambage – their answer to Brittney Griner and Tamika Catchings.

Allright – all my Seattle Storm fans have already been up for a while. Let’s get this party rollin.