It’s Seattle vs. Atlanta

Atlanta beat New York tonight, 105-93, to take the Eastern Conference championship in only two games. What is it with two games this year?

I did make a prediction when the season first began that Seattle and Atlanta would be the two teams left standing in the end. It was my instinct, and my instinct is always right.

One thing I didn’t anticipate, though, was how good Angel McCoughtry would become. I didn’t realize the full range of her skills until last year’s ROY award. Tonight’s 42 points sets a playoff record for the year. The thing about McCoughtry that makes me think she’ll be winning the MVP award soon is that she makes it look so easy. All the great players do.

So now we wait until Sunday for the Finals to begin. In the meantime…….

Sue Bird has made the fourth quarter her own this season.

USA Today attempts a positive piece on female WNBA owners, but the measuring stick ends up being “when are women going to buy a men’s team”? I guess they tried.

The New York Times makes a shrewd case that the WNBA missed a marketing opportunity.

Two of Tennessee’s biggest recruits are comin’ to campus for visits.