Seattle-LA pre-game notes

Nice piece on how Tina Thompson has been getting it done for the WNBA for 14 years by…..the Seattle Times reporter. But this is no surprise, actually, as the LA Times sucks.

So does the Staples Center, apparently. Season ticket holders got this notice last night:

The jumbotron at STAPLES Center will not be operational during Saturday’s game and throughout the playoffs. During our post-season run, there will be two temporary video boards and one score board. Please read below for an official statement from STAPLES Center.

“A full schedule of safety testing, maintenance procedures and capital improvements take place each summer at STAPLES Center. Due to timing issues, the replacement of the center-hung scoreboard and video display had to begin this week. STAPLES Center has provided the temporary screens for our fans.”

Bite my ___ . They wouldn’t do that to the Fakers.

Oh, and because of the Emmy Awards, the street in front of Staples will be closed. No biggie!