Tennessee and Tennessee-related items

Item 1:

Nicky Anosike responds to suspension from Minnesota Lynx:

Anosike is in Knoxville this weekend and will have surgery on Monday at the University of Tennessee Medical Center and will begin rehab immediately this coming week with Jenny Moshak, the Lady Vols’ chief of sports medicine, just as she did a year ago when she hurt the knee.

The former NCAA Woman of the Year made it through four years of Pat Summitt’s rules without a single suspension – which can come from missing even one class or being one minute late for a meeting – and she believes that Tennessee and Minnesota Lynx fans who are aware of her high character realize she did nothing wrong.

“I think everyone has heard just part of the story, and thinks, ‘She was suspended because she refused to get on the road trip,’ ” said Anosike, who has played in the WNBA for three seasons. “But that’s not the whole truth. The whole truth is that right after the San Antonio game, which was Sunday night, they gave me the results of the MRI that I took Saturday. The doctor said I had torn my lateral meniscus. I have been dealing with this injury for the past two months.

“After the doctor gave me this information I decided that I would not go on this road trip. Same knee, same injury (as last summer).”

The suspension followed WNBA rules – in order to pick up another player, one player had to be suspended since the league no longer has Injured Reserve – and Anosike was concerned about the reaction to the news as she didn’t want to be cast in false light.

Ahhhh, that clears that up.

Item 2:

The 2010-2011 Lady Vols have begun their workouts for the year.

Item 3:

The UCLA Bruins schedule is out.