The fireworks of August

High school/college:

Recruits are starting to name their colleges this month, just out of the July viewing period. Bria Smith, ranked third in the class of 2011, announced last night she will attend Virginia – the first major recruit in what the local newspaper calls “the post-Monica Wright era.”

The loss of Caroline Doty to injury could prove to be a major blow for UConn. One can only hope.

The WNBA has plenty going on right now:

Attendence, TV ratings are up again.

The Fever and Mercury have taken over the “most intense rivalry” spot for now.

Kathy Goodman – bless her heart – was stuck watching her Sparks play via her own cell phone yesterday. But she still took time to reflect on how far the game has come in 20 years.

The Seattle Times’ Jayda Evans talks playoff picture.

Full Court Press has an astute analysis of the state of the WNBA.

Lindsay Whalen has signed a multi-year deal with the Minnesota Lynx… surprise there.

Hall of Fame:

It’s cool that Cynthia Cooper-Dyke is being inducted, and she couldn’t be more deserving. But she’s only the 13th woman to be enshrined at the Springfield Hall. What a crock of crap.