The Sky don’t take none, and win

The Sky’s Sylvia Fowles took a stand in last night’s game against Phoenix, and she got ejected:

On Tuesday night with the Phoenix Mercury visiting Allstate Arena, Fowles was anything but quiet, and her roar helped spur the Sky to an emotional and hard-fought 91-82 victory over the defending WNBA champions.

“My mother would not be proud of me,” Fowles said. “I was not sugar lips tonight.”

Indeed, Fowles had a bit of vinegar for the referees.

Usually, she puts her head down, goes to work and says nothing as she endures the endless physical abuse. But with about three minutes left in the fourth quarter, Fowles raised her head – and put her foot down. Enough is enough.

She thought she had been hacked on the offensive end, argued the non-call and then was hit with a technical. She kept going and was quickly teed up again.

Two technicals result in an automatic ejection and the removal of the player from the bench.

“I just try to do my job as much as possible and not get in trouble,” Fowles said after the game from the locker room, where she watched on TV as her team salted away the victory. “But you get to a point in time where it’s just ridiculous. I mean, I know I’m big, I know I’m strong, but a foul is a foul. This was my time to vent out and let it all out because I’ve been dealing with it all season. I hated to leave my team out there, but at the same time, they need to understand what I’m dealing with.

Poor Syl. I had to learn to take and stand and be an asshole back too; it’s part of growing up for some people.

But why does never-nice Diana Taurasi get in people’s faces, break people’s noses and never get ejected, while Fowles just stands up for herself and gets tossed? There’s something really messed up about that picture.

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