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More on Amber Gray

The soon-to-be-ex Tennessee Vol discusses her decision to transfer to Xavier with Maria M. Cornelius:

“Those girls are my sisters so for a while I was willing to give up my dream of playing basketball again just so that I could stay there with my sisters because I knew how close we had become, and I knew they always had supported me and they knew what I had gone through.”

But the desire to play basketball remained too powerful, so she explored options close to home – Xavier immediately topped the list – and met with Tennessee officials to obtain her transcripts and secure an unconditional release.

“It’s funny that you called today, because I did just sign papers to go ahead and transfer back home to Xavier and hopefully get the opportunity to play here,” Gray said in a phone interview Thursday evening.

“I am not ready to give up on my dream yet. My religion is something that is very big to me, and I feel like God didn’t spare my life for me not to continue to play, so if the opportunity knocks on my door I am going to go ahead and open up that door and continue to fight and do the things I’ve been doing to get back on the court.”


But then Gray considered her work with Moshak and Heather Mason, the Lady Vols’ strength and conditioning coach, last winter and spring and her summer workouts at home.

“I’ve worked so hard since all of this happened to get back and play again and ultimately that was my goal,” Gray said. “I do respect the staff and the coaches and the doctors and everything at Tennessee for the decision that they made, and I completely understand where they’re coming from, but I am not ready to give up on my dream yet, and I am not ready to hang out my shoes. That is where my decision came from.”

I understand Gray’s feelings, but am not completely comfortable with this decision. I sure wish her the best of luck.

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