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WNBA catch up (again)

Most recently, Minnesota snapped the Storm’s 13-game winning streak last night. I heard about it at the time, but wanted to wait for the write-up. You can still win a championship with three losses……

I’m still mystified that Tulsa traded Alexis Hornbuckle to Minnesota last week, leaving the Shock devoid of anyone on the original roster. Why?

Phoenix Mercury point guard Temeka Johnson has created a children’s book series. I heard about it while in Atlanta for FILA Nationals last week, but just got around to reading about it. I’m impressed with Johnson for doing that.

The best part about this page, called “celebrating a decade with Lauren Jackson” is the pictures. I remember her when she first arrived here, a skinny, awkward kid with her hair pasted to her head. She’ll be 30 next year and what a difference.

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