WNBA in its final month……and the Sparks are 8-17

There are five games in the WNBA today. This doesn’t include the LA Sparks, who lost Friday to the New York Liberty in the second meeting of the two teams where the Sparks let it slip through their fingers. Co-owner Kathy Goodman can’t complain, and that’s generous of her. But I sure can.

The Sparks are 8-17 this year, and last year fans were saying they couldn’t get much worse. Fans were wrong.

Team chemistry issues don’t seem to be getting worked out. I’m not there so I have no idea what’s up, so I won’t speculate. But as a fan, it’s not fun to watch. It’s not good basketball.

A Sparks staffer promised me there would be more events for season ticket holders this year after none last year (the Staples Center lounge was being remodeled, he said). But there haven’t been any events. I know the WNBA isn’t loaded, but if you’re not planning on having events, don’t tell people you are.

I do need to call a Sparks rep back who left me a message 10 days ago asking my opinions. I also need to fill out a survey that was sent to me asking for feedback. And I give props to the organization that dares to ask fans these things when they know there’s such widespread unhappiness. But I almost didn’t buy season tickets this year, and I wish I had listened to my instinct.

When I’ve expressed such sentiments before, there are always some (usually the old-timers) who “tisk tisk” me with, “but you gotta support the league.” Of course I support the league, but they’re like any other league and business: if they don’t put out a quality product, I don’t want to support it. I have to support me before I support the league. I can’t even get anyone to come to games with me this year.

I got an email the other day while still in Georgia informing me that season ticket holder renewal packages were on the way. Next summer I’m going to make myself a free agent, though, and save that money for other things.