NCAA recruiting madness stops in LA

The Cal Sparks Summer Games take center stage at the Hangar Athletic Exchange (HAX) tomorrow and Thursday in Hawthorne, Calif.

Reshanda Gray, Ariya Crook-Williams and the rest of the Cal Sparks Gold team are in the Elite Group A pool with OGDL – the reincarnated program that nurtured a lot of Narbonne High School-turned WNBA players.

Elite Group B features West Coast Premier Black, which just won the End of the Trails Tournament without Jordan Adams, who is in Spain/France playing for the U17 team.

The showcase game schedule is intense.

I can’t wait for the post eight-hours-of-game-watchin’ high tomorrow night.

In the meantime, the Midwest tournaments have been heating up.

And whaddya know – the Sparks won one on the road tonight for the first time this season. They beat Tulsa 87-71.