From the “that’s crazy!” files

Earlier today, Kelly Gibson was annouced as a new assistant at Syracuse. She and Erv Monier were abruptly fired as assistants at USC in March.

This evening there is more news: Monier is a new assistant at LaSalle. From head Coach Jeff Williams, some strong statements:

“Simply put, Ervin is one of the best coaches in the industry and I am extremely pleased to have him join my staff as the associate head coach,” Williams said. “He has helped build and improve every program he has been associated with and I am looking forward to tapping into his knowledge of the Atlantic 10. He has worked in all aspects of operating and setting up programs and his thought process works like a head coach. He is a ready to be a head coach and I welcome that characteristic.

“He is a proven dynamic recruiter as indicated by the top seven rated class he recruited to USC and the past players he’s recruited to Temple and Rhode Island,” Williams continued. “He’s an excellent tactician on both sides of the ball and he has developed players at all levels and positions. I know in Ervin Monier I have the consummate associate and I am truly excited.”

Interesting coincidence.

Meanwhile, the late North Carolina State Coach Kay Yow’s sister Debbie Yow will leave Maryland, where she’s been for 16 years, to be athletic director for the entire Wolfpack.

It’s things like this that exemplify why I gave up the idea of writing fiction years ago. I can’t make up things that beat reality.