So much “wow” news

Let’s try to organize all this mind-bending stuff……..


Sparks are down but not out. I like this attitude:

“Throughout these losses, this locker room has been crazy positive,” said point guard Kristi Toliver. “It comes from the veteran leadership, but we know how good we are and how great we’re going to be.”

Loree Moore’s rehab is going well. That’s really nice to hear. Although, seeing how good the Storm are now, it’s scary to think that they’d be even better right now if Moore hadn’t been injured.


It looks like Utah will accept the Pac-10’s invite to join the league.

Pat Summitt and Geno Auriemma talking? It happened this past weekend at the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I’ve always suspected that the rivalry between the two schools has been more of a fan invention than anything else. Kind of like the fake hatred between Bill Laimbeer and Michael Cooper when both were coaching in the WNBA.

Oregon State apparently has a nice pool of applicants for the open coaching job.


The Rocky Top League kicked off last night in Tennessee, featuring seven Lady Vols. The non-Lady Vols were a little intimidated, and the Vols were confused:

The first order of business should have been introductions. Stricklen flipped a nice back-pass assist to . . . darned if she knew who.

Humorous times.

Lisa Leslie made fun of Michael Cooper’s green suit on a recent broadcast.

More humorous times! Excellent.