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WNBA news explosion day

The Sparks waived Tiffany Stansbury earlier today, and have now signed Chanel Mokango, a first-round draft pick from Mississippi State that Atlanta waived May 14. The fact that she was waived on the last day is a good sign, so I’m praying she’ll be part of a solution.

In the meantime, I’m again saddened by what the short benches have done to the league. With an 11-player roster, there’s no room for those utility and grunt players anymore like there was when teams were 13-deep. What got me going on that was seeing Lisa Willis at the gym tonight playing pickup with the dudes. I’ve seen her at gyms around LA many times before, and she just sticks out like a sore thumb; she looks like a pro player who’s stopped to play with the guys. And she plays like it, too. The guys treat her just like they do each other, and she handles it well. I wish there was room for more Lisas in the WNBA. Anyway……

Angel McCoughtry and Candace Parker have been named the Eastern and Western Conference players of the week, respectively (DUH!).

The power rankings are out:

1. Atlanta
2. Seattle
3. Washington
4. Connecticut
5. New York
6. Phoenix
7. San Antonio
8. Chicago
9. Indiana
10. Tulsa
11. Los Angeles
12. Minnesota

But! The amazing Monica Wright scored 32 to lead the Lynx to victory tonight over the Mercury, 92-82.

Silver Stars Coach Sandy Brondello had her baby today. Congrats to her and her family.

And Atlanta may be headed for its first defeat of the season, as they’re behind Seattle by 14 with 6:35 to go in the fourth.

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