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A little bit of wow

Mark Lewis of ESPN has more great advice for high school players looking to impress college coaches in the next two months. And it’s extra-cranial advice, too – I love it:

Show them that you won’t overreact.
Starting the game 0-for-5 from the field doesn’t mean that you stop shooting. If it was a good shot to take five minutes ago, it’s a good shot to take now. At the same time you can’t warm up a cold stroke by firing away every time you get your hands on the ball. Shooting your way out of a slump may be a good way to shoot yourself in the foot as well.

Show them you can learn over the course of the game.
Just like shooting, you can’t force things with passing. If it didn’t get there the first time, don’t throw the exact same pass again because you’re bound and determined to “get it there.” Read the defender better, set it up with a fake or reverse the ball and allow the pass come from another angle.

Show them that you have reading and math skills.
On the break, see the floor and read the defense. If the numbers aren’t there, make smart choices with the ball. Not many recruiters are looking for point guards who think two-on-four situations are a good time to attack. There aren’t too many looking for players taking 3-pointers when it’s two-on-one either. Do the math.


I always loved Shay Murphy when she played for USC. I was worried her first two years in the WNBA when she got no playing time and was shuffled around. Now it looks like she’s the sixth woman for the Indiana Fever. Fantastic.

The coaching round robin continues: Ronald Hughey is leaving Rutgers to coach at Texas. He replaces Mickie DeMoss, who returned to Tennessee.

A second assistant coach has left the University of Washington.

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