Women’s hoops standoffish?

How do you all feel about this blog, that maintains that both college and WNBA PR folks limit their player’s time with the media?

I haven’t found that myself with the LA Sparks or at the Pac-10 Tournament, but maybe other parts of the country are different. Perhaps other media have had similar experiences they can share?

This is undoubtedly the cause of any distance that may exist:

Too often now media are met with suspicion, when in fact the majority of folks who write about this sport are unabashed cheerleaders for it. That doesn’t mean they hide the bad news. But overwhelmingly, they’d rather focus on what’s good.

I most definitely sympathize with any paranoia that those in charge of women’s basketball programs may feel. The women’s game has been mocked and ridiculed for so long. Even today there are bash pieces that occasionally pop up, for no particular reason.

Maybe ladyswish would like to begin by writing that cool critical piece.