WNBA bus stops

Good news/bad news from Tulsa:

Coach Nolan Richardson is adapting fine to coaching women…….

At the same time, he does have to learn there are differences in the men’s game and the women’s game.

“It is different,” said Christi Thomas, a five-year veteran out of Georgia. “Some things are the same. It is still basketball.

But the women’s game is more about fundamentals. Our egos are less involved than in men’s basketball.

“I think there is a difference in pace and in some aspects of the game. But we can play fast just like he wants, and I think our players have been very receptive to his style so far.”

But the women’s game is more about fundamentals. Our egos are less involved than in men’s basketball…..

At a recent practice, when his players picked up a drill so quickly, Richardson praised his players saying “you are so much smarter than players I’ve coached.”

That’s no knock on men’s players. What he was saying is that women are more receptive to learning and coaching.

“Coach Richardson has adapted to us real well,” Pierson said. “We are learning from him, but he’s learning from us, too. I think women are smart players, and he’s learning that about us. We pick things up real fast. I think that is part of the process we’re going through. He’s learning to deal with us as players.

Bad news: Cheryl Ford won’t be playing this season.


One blogger recounts her impressions of yesterday’s pre-season game, in which the Storm handily defeated defending champs the Phoenix Mercury.

Ashley Robinson and Ashley Walker promised those in attendence at today’s Media Day that they’d have a reality show called “The Ashleys.”

Los Angeles:

The Sparks may move their practices from the lush facility in El Segundo that’s also used by the Lakers to Pasadena City College. I don’t see that as a plus like the team president does.

She’s baaaaack! Well, almost. And I have a feeling that the resilient Candace Parker will be the “old” Candace this year. I want some more dunks.