Serve up our WNBA news, please

Clay Kallam REALLY hits a home run this morning with his commentary on the secrecy around the WNBA and its players, “why does the WNBA make it hard to care?”

But apparently there’s a sense that censorship is crucial to the league’s survival, and that bad news must be treated as if it doesn’t exist. Nolan doesn’t want to play in Tulsa – she doesn’t exist. Ford is in negotiations – news blackout.

Why not just write the story? Why not let the fans know what’s going on?

Which leads directly to Loree Moore, an integral piece for the Liberty for four years. Why was there no announcement anywhere that she had been released?

Of course, people might have been upset. Of course, there might have been some angry emails – but isn’t that part of the fun of being a sports fan? Isn’t that what gets leagues onto SportsCenter, and into newspapers?

Overall, I think Donna Orender has done a fine job as commissioner, but this whole atmosphere of secrecy and information control actively hurts the league. Fans should be able to still see Kristin Haynie’s career stats, and they should have known when she was added to Washington’s roster, and when she was taken off.

So very true, unfortunately.

I keep up on things very well, but when the Storm signed Loree Moore a few weeks ago, I was taken aback because I didn’t even know she’d been cut from the Liberty’s roster. I had to go to the WNBA transactions page to see the obscure one-line letting me know it was true. She’s been with New York for so long; you’d think there would have been a major announcement.

The LA Sparks page today is another example of keeping fans in the dark. They had their first exhibition in San Diego yesterday, against the Chinese National team, but there’s not even a box score on the web site.

So I’m going to break the silence code this morning and link a bunch of stories. Here goes:

Atlanta Dream Coach Marynell Meadors is coming home for an exhibition game.

Monica Wright is adjusting well to the WNBA (no surprises there).

Pauline Love is taking the hits in Sun training camp.

Tulsa has some Lady Vols on its roster, so not coincidentally, they expect to win.

Seattle local Lindsey Wilson is trying out for the Storm.

May Kotsolpoulus isn’t just an intern for the Sun anymore – she’s trying out for the team.

Candice Dupree is adjusting to the Mercury.

Lindsay Whalen is happy to be home with the Lynx.

Kerri Gardin is cool with her low-key role on the Sun’s roster.

And one Sacramento Bee writer notes that it’s strange not to have the Monarchs in training camp this year, after 12 seasons.