More on Wagner and Azzi

Eugene-based KEZI reports that it’s not just the fault of Oregon State Coach LaVonda Wagner that so many players have left of late – it’s on the shoulders of the community:

But another sports fan says it’s more than a coaching issue. Rather, the sport of basketball at OSU isn’t getting the support it needs to flourish.

“The basketball team here is kind of unsupported,” believes Nate Bodie, an OSU student. “I mean, think about Gill Coliseum. It’s a big place and yet, how many seats do we fill in basketball games? Not very many,” Bodie added.

Many others hope the universtiy can get its act together before it affects recruiting efforts for other sports.

“I think it says something bad about OSU, too,” said Bodie. “And, you know, it’s broadcasted. We show that to other people. And other recruiters looking at OSU say, ‘Oh, is this the place for me?’ Not only in basketball, but other sports as well.”

I could have told them that.

In the meantime, one publication is calling for Wagner’s head.

One San Francisco writer remembers Jennifer Azzi getting kicked out of a press conference some years back. I went to an informational fitness seminar of hers in Seattle several years ago. It was thoroughlly boring.

Her friends think Azzi’s crazy.

Mel Greenburg has retired from the Philadelphia Inquirer, but his musings live on.