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Signings and de-signings

Yesterday was the first day of the spring signing period, which lasts until May 19. But it seems that several of those signings have come from de-signings. Kelsey Bone is the most significant example for now. She announced today she’s transferring to Texas A&M.

Seattle University has several new players today, including a transfer from Oregon State – Talisa Rhea. That’s the second player who’s left the Beavers this year.

On the non-signing-related college tip, Monica Wright, Danielle Robinson, Kelsey Griffin and Kalana Greene discuss being a part of USA Basketball.

Monica Wright blogs from camp.

C. Vivian Stringer and John Chaney returned to Cheyney State College, where they both go their start, to have some fun.

And does Chiney Ogwumike have any faults? No obvious ones yet: she’s been raising money to feed the hungry.

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