Five African-American players changing the basketball landscape in Vermont

Love this story by ESPN’s Chris Hansen, about the way a small group of basketball players in this 96.5 percent white state are doing it up big in hoops:

“[These adopted kids are] black children with very little know-how of racism,” Tammie Lalime said. “And the racism in our community comes from ignorance not hate.”

Both Atwood and Lalime say they hear the N-word used by classmates of all races, but both say they’ve never had it used as a derogatory phrase at them directly. An incident last school year, Atwood’s freshman year and Lalime’s junior year, put school administrators on edge. A student or someone on campus wrote the N-word on a wall of the back stairwell of the school. It happened a second time the following day and the administration talked to few kids about the consequences of involvement of such behavior.

There have been no further issues.