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“No April fools” morning news

Nice piece here: the Final Four coaches talk about the tournament, and Brittney Griner.

The FF coaches also comment on the possibility of expanding the women’s tournament to 96 teams (a stupid idea right now, at best).

Georgia high school sophomore Andraya Carter explains why she chose to declare for Tennessee so early:

“And I want to play for Pat Summitt as long as she is there, and I don’t see that changing. Then I didn’t see any point in waiting. It wasn’t based on emotion. I’ve studied (recruiting) for a long time. I’ve looked into degrees, the campuses, and everything. I felt it in my heart, and I prayed about it.

“Now I don’t have to worry about my college decision. I can just focus on getting better.”

Makes sense.

WNBA bits:

Stanford’s Jayne Appel might end up with the Lynx in next week’s draft.

Allison Hightower of LSU is excited for the draft, on April 8.

Kansas University’s Danielle McCray is hopeful she’ll be drafted.

Sparks Coach Jen Gillom, Lynx Coach Cheryl Reeve and Shock Coach Nolan Richardson talk about the draft.

Four WNBA draft prospects speak.

And for anyone who might have been wondering why I’m ignoring all the “is UConn’s winning streak bad for the women’s game?” stories, including one today…….those types of pieces are on par with the ones that bash women’s basketball. I don’t read them, don’t pay attention to them at all. I pretend they were never written, because they’re so ridiculous. Only over-analytical women’s basketball fans would worry that a long winning streak could be bad for the game. Just let ’em play, and the game will continue to evolve as it has for many years before this. Let it go and enjoy.

The minute UConn finally loses, all the hand-wringers will find something new to worry about anyway.

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