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Rationale for the Women’s Basketball Invitational

Q at Swish Appeal offers an answer to my question last night as to why there is a Women’s Basketball Invitational when there’s already a WNIT. The most compelling reason to me is this:

However, there is even more to the tournament than control, equality, transparency, and profit, all – especially the latter – certainly attractive selling points to participating institutions. The tournament might better represent the concept of equity – it’s not just about women’s basketball getting closer to having the same number of opportunities to participate in the post-season, but actually providing women’s basketball programs an opportunity to develop, as described by Washington coach Tia Jackson.

“Having as many postseason opportunities for women’s basketball is a good thing,” said Seymour. “There are so many good teams out there that deserve postseason attention.”

True, dat. I can’t disagree with that line of reasoning.

I’ll support the WBI.

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