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American University turns it around

I love this story about how American University has turned a losing season into a winning one.

“Matt had a very serious conversation with us in the locker room afterward,” said Leer, a first-team all-league pick. “He wasn’t happy with our performance.”

According to Leer, Corkery told the players they weren’t taking the games seriously and they weren’t coming into practice with the right intensity. He also called out certain players and told them specifically what they needed to change.

“I thought that was the best way to go about it,” Leer said. “It was blunt, it was clear and it was exactly what we needed to fix in order for us to have the season like we have had this past conference.”

This speaks to the power of never giving up. If more kids believed that, we wouldn’t have “attitude” and a whole host of other issues in the sport that we do now. Way to go, AU.

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