A lil good, a lil not-that-great

Tennessee wins the SEC title!

Fresno State wins the WAC title!

Congrats to my favorite coach and one of my favorite coaches in those efforts. And Adrian Wiggins gets extra props for using affirmations (“WAC champs”) in practice.

Earlier this week, Rutgers Coach Vivian Stringer commented that she’d rather leave the country than play in the WNIT. Today she clarifies that she meant she didn’t want players to be lauded for not making the regular tournament. I’d watch the video statement, but I don’t have that much time.

Tina Thompson may not have re-committed to the Sparks for the upcoming WNBA season, but she’s having a great time playing overseas right now.

Cute story about the friendship of Oregon seniors Micaela Cocks and Taylor Lilley.

You don’t think the recent “Compton Cookout” racist debacle and ensuing protests at the University of California, San Diego has hurt recruiting? It has. I’ve talked to a few high school recruits who have crossed the school off their list, even after answering questionaires.

And I just got word that my favorite City Section team, Washington Prep, lost by 2 to Carson in their semifinal game moments ago. Maaaaaan, that really bums me out. I’m offa here.

Edit at 9:06 p.m. – UGH! USC just beat Oregon, 87-84. Now I’m really gone.