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Shaq is back; one high school baller won’t be

The University of Oregon is sure getting nostalgic this year. First they acknowledged ousted former Coach Jody Runge at a January game. Now they’re honoring Shaquala Williams, dismissed by former Coach Bev Smith:

For all the highs and lows of Shaquala Williams’ career at Oregon, she missed out on one of the most dramatic moments any player will ever enjoy in college.

Dismissed from the team during her senior season in 2002-03, Williams never got to experience senior night. Never got to be celebrated by the fans who so enjoyed her remarkable UO career, or soak in one more memorable night at McArthur Court.

Williams will get that final chance to be feted Thursday, when she serves as the honorary captain for the opening game of the final homestand for the Oregon women’s basketball team in McArthur Court, against USC at 7 p.m.

Is the U of O realizing it messed up? Seems like it.

Here’s something I’ve not heard before: Jacksonville, FL standout Kayla Brewer will forego her high school senior season to begin playing for South Carolina next year. I can see her point, because if she doesn’t feel the competition is there, then there’s no reason to stay.

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