Department of……..

In the old-timers department:

Former WNBA player Tynesha Lewis lead a Black History Month program with a motivational speech this week.

Tamecka Dixon has announced her retirement, leaving Tina Thompson as the only WNBA player left who was with the league when it began in 1997.

In the current timers department:

Tennessee beat ‘Bama tonight, but Coach Pat Summitt wasn’t at all pleased with the effort. In fact, she said her team “disrespected the game of basketball tonight.”



EXPN’s Mechelle Voepel says there are other rookies in the big 12 worth considering besides Baylor’s Brittany Griner.

In the coaches department:

I’m so worried about University of Houston Coach Joe Curl, who is back in the hospital much too soon after being released for heart problems. Get well, coach.

Slamonline says Phoenix Mercury Coach Corey Gaines is what the WNBA needs.