Recruiting process like a TV show, ESPN says

More great advice on the high school recruiting process by ESPN’s Mark Lewis:

All too often college coaches come across players who seem to be waiting for “something better” when the truth is they’re lucky to be getting the interest they already have at that point in time. That mentality and approach can, and many times has, left an athlete to settle for virtually anything she can find in the end.

Take a good look at the interest that has come your way and try to find the consistencies that might be there in terms of what schools are knocking on your door. If you’ve heard from only one major conference program and 25 others that might be thought of as mid-major, odds are you already know what level might be more appropriate.


That’s why it’s important not to eliminate schools from your recruiting process early because you perceive yourself to be a higher caliber player than the level you think their program plays on. Take your time and see who’s in the mix and find out how sincere their interest might be.