Nolan, Smith not going to Tulsa; Penicheiro signs with Sparks

Deanna Nolan ain’t goin to Tulsa. Probably won’t even play in the WNBA this summer. Katie Smith isn’t going either.

Her agent, Mike Cound, said it was “more or less correct” that Nolan’s agreement in September to extend her contract was contingent on the franchise remaining in Detroit. Instead, an Oklahoma-based ownership group bought the team in October and moved it to Tulsa.

“Basically, Deanna is under no contractual obligation to compete for Tulsa or any other WNBA team at this time, nor is she under any obligation to comment on the topic,” Cound wrote in an e-mail. “She is considering all alternatives and Tulsa and Coach Richardson will be the first to know anything she decides.”

Ticha Penicheiro has officially signed with the Los Angeles Sparks.

Winston-Salem has fired coach Dee Stokes.