Appel breaks record; Tennessee ready for Vanderbilt

Stanford whooped on USC today, and the Trojans followed UCLA and Cal’s lead by breaking a 10-year record for lowest scoring in a half. But a couple good things happened out of the game:

1. Center Jayne Appel became Stanford’s leading rebounder with 1153, breaking Nicole Powell’s record.

2. Jacki Gemelos continued her comeback, and was the leading scorer for USC, with 13.

At Tennessee, freshman Taber Spani talks about how she couldn’t stand to sit out this past week. “It killed me emotionally and stuff,” Spani said.

In the meantime, Coach Pat Summitt is preparing for tomorrow’s matchup against archrival Vanderbilt by reminding the team of how they messed it up last year.

“You know it might come (up),” guard Angie Bjorklund said.

Count on it, said UT coach Pat Summitt.

“Oh, we’ll remind them,” she said. “We’ll remind them.”