Tennessee Vol Shekinna Stricklen not only has a huge heart for the game, but she wants to learn things, too. This story reveals so much about her character:

“I looked her in the eyes and said, ‘No I want to stay there,’ ’’ Stricklen said. “I feel like I’m getting better. I’m still making mistakes but I’m learning it.

She’s willing to stay in the point guard position, which she’s not entirely comfortable with, because she’s learning from it. And it’s all about the team:

“Another thing, my teammates believe in me and I think they like me being there. So I don’t want to change that for them.’’

Then she had an “in the zone” moment playing against Auburn recently:

“It brought back a lot of my confidence,’’ she said. “I was just playing the game and not thinking so much. And I had fun.”

How many players need to remember why they began playing in the first place – for fun.

I wish more ball players had Stricklen’s values.