A bit of great here and there

You can be good at some things while not having the best season – Missouri proves that:

COLUMBIA – The Missouri women’s basketball team ranks in the bottom three of the Big 12 Conference in scoring offense, scoring margin, field goal percentage and numerous other offensive and defensive categories……

Even with offensive rebounding being a strong point for the Tigers as a team, not one individual ranks in the top 13 in the Big 12 in that category. Jessra Johnson comes in at No. 14 with 2.53 offensive rebounds a game.

You gotta be dedicated to participate in a showcase (aka “challenge”) tournament in the middle of the regular season, but they did it in New York last weekend. ESPN’s Lisa Bodine broke it down, from a girl named Queen-Tiye to Neptune High School to *gulp* a class of 2014 preview.

LSU is trying to get back to great.