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LA Sparks season tickets: to renew, or not to renew?

OK, I want opinions so I can make a decision.

The deadline to put down some kind of desposit on Sparks 2010 season tickets is a week from today. People on the Sparks message board say that at the (Fantourage, I assume) event Wednesday, they were told that Ticha Penicheiro will be joining the team this season. I’ve never cared for Penicheiro, so this doesn’t do much to sway my already-leaning-towards-not-renewing self.

Cons: As I posted here, after every unnecessary loss last summer I was left so irritated. The Sparks had too many superstars and not enough supporting actresses, and couldn’t put it together. I don’t see much changing with the personnel yet, so this year might be another summer of frustration.

I was skeptical of the hiring of Jen Gillom as head coach, because Minnesota didn’t keep her after her year as intern. Why not?

I thought that when Lisa Leslie left, I could love everyone on the team, but now Penicheiro might be there. And she ain’t exactly young, either.

It’s a time committment. What if I want to go to some cool club ball tourney the night of a game?

No more perks. (Though I understand that we’re in a recession and the owners have to make money too)

Pros: Candace Parker. She’s my favorite pro player.

Betty Lennox. She’s my other favorite pro player.

The fan community at the game is really fun, and I sit in the best section at Staples Center. I can slap hands with players after every game, and mess with the ushers.

It’s a great way to network.

It’s (relatively) cheap entertainment.

My ticket rep told me last fall that parties for MVPs would be back this summer, which would remove most of my bitching about no perks.

Possibilities: Jen Gillom might turn out to be the perfect fit for the Sparks. As Michael Cooper wasn’t a good fit for the Sparks but found his niche at USC, perhaps Gillom will vibe in LA.

Should I continue to be a season ticket holder? Tell me what you’d do if you were me.

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