Game day appetizers

Today’s 36-game schedule pales in comparison to the 120 games of yesterday.

Heartwarming story about Cal’s Tierra Rogers and Washington State’s KiKi Moore (their teams play against each other today) here. They’ve known each other since sixth grade.

“No compromise in Summitt’s approach.” This is one of the funniest pieces on in a long time:

“It’s an everyday thing,” she said. “I can’t slack off at all because I know the first words that are going to come out of (Summitt’s) mouth are Alyssia Brewer, not even that.”

She’ll more likely hear the abbreviated version of her first name. At stressful moments, the sound of “Lyceee!” brings practice to a screeching halt.


While the Lady Vols have been chastened into being more receptive, it’s harder to fast-forward the comprehension. Freshman guard Kamiko Williams, who has jammed a year’s worth of drama into the past five months, sent multiple text messages to Summitt on Thursday, saying that she was going to be more serious and invested in the team. Then she was late by a few minutes for the pre-game meal.

But here’s the bottom line:

“I expect this team to be in San Antonio,” she said.