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Was this post-game celebration inappropriate?

Last night at the Fairfax Tournament, Narbonne and View Park went through the handshake line and slapped hands. Then ‘Bonne gathered in a circle in front of their bench and, holding on to each other, started swaying back and forth and screaming, “Whose house?! G House!!” very loudly, over and over. Washington Prep and Fairfax, who were to play the next game, had to pause for a moment in their game preparations for the celebration to end.

There’s a discussion on socalhoops as to whether or not this celebration was inappropriate. The pro-celebration viewpoint says the girls had a right to celebrate a hard-earned victory however they choose, and anyone who speaks badly of them for that is a hater. The anti-celebration folks say Narbonne showed very bad sportsmanship by carrying on for so long in someone else’s gym.

I’m curious: what do you think? G’s house or rude kids and coach?

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