Jody Runge honored at Mac Court yesterday

Pretty cool to honor the former Oregon Ducks coach during yesterday’s game:

Former women’s athletic director Becky Sisley spoke highly of the Runge era at UO, noting the fans’ exuberant reaction to her at the outset of the game.

Sisley also acknowledged the ex-coach’s fashion sense, one of many qualities that made her a striking figure at Oregon.

“She came out in style,” Sisley said with a wry smile, “in typical Jody Runge stiletto heels.”

My former teacher Jane was also there, and offered this account:

The crowd came unglued when they saw her. She really did lead the change in women’s basketball at the U of O. I understand perceptions and perceptual differences so I don’t really know the “truth” of what happened. It was sad. Jody showed grace and courage to stand in the middle of Mac Court today and she was royally cheered for all that she did accomplish. She was loved by a lot of fans.