California Pac-10 teams both sweep in Arizona

“This is the kind of win that’s going to generate some talk” – Bruins color analyst Steve Rourke

UCLA 74, Arizona State 56

So the Bruins get their first road sweep in I don’t know how long, and Arizona State drops two in a row. Markel Walker with 24 points and seven rebounds, and Jasmine Dixon with 21 points and 10 rebounds.

I’m concerned that Erica Tukiainen, Moniquee Alexander and Christina Nzekwe failed to score, but I’ll take the big fat W. UCLA never trailed in the game. ESPN story.

USC lead Arizona by as much as 20 in the first half? Sounds like a helluva game before the overtime. I would have really liked to see the Ashley Corral-Davellyn Whyte battle. 27 and 34 points, respectively, is so very impressive.

Big ups to UCLA and USC. This weekend, when Cal and Stanford come to LA, it should be a dog fight.

Other hot games:

Mississippi State beat Auburn, 73-58, in SEC action.

Teresa Weatherspoon’s Louisiana Tech improves to 9-3 with their win today over Southern Miss.

Oregon holds on to beat Washington State.