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LA City Section team rankings?

Someone on is posting the latest “computer poll” rankings, but doesn’t say what website the alleged list came from. Here it is:

LA City Section

Rank School League Division
1 View Park (Los Angeles, CA) Coliseum 5
2 Narbonne (Harbor City, CA) Marine 1
3 Taft (Woodland Hills, CA) West Valley 1
4 Carson (CA) Marine 1
5 Granada Hills (CA) West Valley 2
6 El Camino Real (Woodland Hills, CA) West Valley 2
7 LACES (Los Angeles, CA) Western 5
8 Washington (Los Angeles, CA) Marine 1
9 Huntington Park (CA) Eastern 3
10 Palisades (Pacific Palisades, CA) Western 1
11 Fairfax (Los Angeles, CA) Western 2
12 Monroe (North Hills, CA) Valley Mission 3
13 South East (South Gate, CA) Eastern 2
14 West Adams (Los Angeles, CA) Central 2
15 Wilson (Los Angeles, CA) Northern 1
16 Birmingham (Van Nuys, CA) West Valley 3
17 Garfield (Los Angeles, CA) Eastern 3
18 Crenshaw (Los Angeles, CA) Coliseum 1
19 Roosevelt (Los Angeles, CA) Eastern 2
20 Gardena (CA) Marine 1
21 Sylmar (CA) Valley Mission 3
22 Chatsworth (CA) West Valley 1
23 Huntington Park College-Ready Academy (Huntington Park, CA) Freeway 5
24 Banning (Wilmington, CA) Marine 2
25 Dorsey (Los Angeles, CA) Coliseum 1

Even though this list is unauthorized, it’s fun to contemplate how the teams are shaking out. Questions:

1. Is Narbonne back to its former prowess?
2. Will Carson ever stop being the bridesmaid?
3. Will Huntington Park and Southeast put the long-forgotten Eastern League on the map again?
4. Is Fairfax really that bad this year?
5. I thought Gardena sucked. ?

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