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For some, it’s so far, so wow

I saw the latest issue of ESPN Rise Magazine at school today, as it always hits high schools several weeks before the issue is posted on the Internet. In the girl’s basketball section they’ve named a first, second and third team for California, and a list of other players to watch. I thought it was time to check in on some of those players to see how they’re doing two weeks into the season.

Stanford-bound Sara James of Oak Ridge is averaging 34 points per game.

San Clemente’s Cassie Harberts is putting up an average 32 points in a game.

Washington Prep junior Reshanda Gray is averaging 22.6 points per game.

Holy crap!

I couldn’t check on Mater Dei’s Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis because the school hasn’t logged any stats into (Shame on coaches who don’t do that).

If anyone has a player in any state who is throwing down ridiculous numbers, tell me about her. I really want to know.

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