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Long Beach Poly-Gardena Serra game gets ugly

A game between Long Beach Poly and Gardena Serra last night resulted in severe injuries to two Serra players. Bria Richardson suffered a concussion, and Taylor Mack might have torn an ACL, according to this poorly-written piece by the LA Times. (The writer penned an ignorant column about the WNBA in September, 2008 that the LA Times caught a lot of flack for, so of course they would hire the young person as their high school reporter after laying off the long-time writer….probably to save money).

The game was at St. Mary’s High School in Inglewood, as part of the Inglewood Classic Tournament. According to posters on a Southern California high school hoops message board, there was a “bench-clearing brawl” in the second half.

Whatever the case, all those coaches are right: girls play harder than boys. May young Richardson and Mack get well quickly.

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