Brittany Spears and Whitney Houston play basketball

The New York Times calls attention to the fact that two of the University of Colorado starters have celebrity names in a story that ran yesterday. It’s a story worth noting, as I can attest to the oddity of hearing a basketball emcee call out a singer’s name. I watched Brittany Spears play all summer long.

The junior forward was home in Pasadena and played for the Fastbreak team in the Say No Classic League – the same team, coincidentally, that included my favorite point guard, that was coached by a friend of mine, and that won the league championship title.

Spears has a silky shot, and was one of the top scorers for Fastbreak. I thoroughlly enjoyed watching her play. But I remember the first time the announcer said her name after she made a dazzling bucket. I questioned my coach friend later, in disbelief.

“Is her name really Brittany Spears?” I asked.

One morning he had to give her a ride.

“I had to pick up Brittany Spears in Pasadena,” he told me.

But I didn’t realize she had a teammate named Whitney Houston. You gotta love it.

In other news……

Thin-bench USC got its first win over a ranked opponent today, beating #14 Texas 61-54 at the Paradise Jam in the Virgin Islands.

After Notre Dame Coach Muffet McGraw notched 500 wins last night, UConn Coach Geno Auriemma got his 700th tonight.

UCLA Coach Nikki Caldwell is banning her family from wearing orange for tomorrow’s game against Tennessee.

And Oregon is unbeaten, and last night almost broke the school record for scoring. Should I scream yet?