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Griner is the truth

Over the summer there was discussion about whether or not incoming Baylor freshman and dunking sensation Brittney Griner would be overwhelmed in college, and relegated to the “small fish in a big pond” level once she got there.

Guess not.

She just finished the win over Cal with 15 points, seven rebounds, five blocks, two assists and one steal. Not bad for a freshman. She’s come out stronger than a lot of people expected; well, people who didn’t know her.

I’m sure she will have not-so-hot games – who doesn’t. But I have a good feeling about this kid. I think she’s going to be very consistent. The way she’s started is a very good sign.

A big thumbs down to Cal fans today, though. In the play-by-play announcer’s words, they were excited when it looked like she would dunk, but then booed her after she missed it. What kind of attitude is that?

Keep throwing it down, Griner.

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