Beverly Hills Fall League, final

Championship Game:

Bishop Alemany 26, Bishop Montgomery 24

Bishop Alemany (white uniforms) and Bishop Montgomery played a very physical game.

Alemany has very strong defense and a high shooting percentage.

In an afternoon of close finals games for the Beverly Hills Fall League, the championship game was no exception in a battle of the Bishops. In the end, it was Bishop Alemany who held off Bishop Montgomery for the close win.

Here are today’s results:

Peninsula 54 Marlborough 37
PV 51 Marlborough 43
BEverly Hills 48 SaCulver. City 28
Santa Monica
Santa Monica 50 Ventura 38

Consolation Semis:

Canyon 42 Marymount 34
Oaks Christian 28 Burroughs 20
Marymount 39 Burroughs 39 (Tie)
Oaks Christian 27 Canyon 25


Bishop Montgomery 42 Harvard Westlake 28
Alemany 37 Inglewood 33

Harvard Westlake was to play Inglewood for the 3rd-5th game, but HW forfeited. Word in the arena today was that the Wolverines were without star forward Nicole Hung, who was injured, and they didn’t want to play without her. Apparently HW has done this before. If that’s true, that’s completely lame. You play with or without your stars, period.

The only other negative today was that the officials sucked.

On a positive note, “Canyon parent” posted this about Beverly Hills Coach and league director Charles Solomon on

The Beverly Hills program did a fantastic job in running this Fall League and tournament. The BH program truly put the interests of the participating teams ahead of their own. Here are some examples: 1)Today, when Culver city had some injuries and were short girls, 4 BH girls played for Culver City against Ventura to make for a competitive game. 2) The BH JV team also stepped in and played when some other teams were no shows. 3) The Coach also refereed on several occasions when the refs didn’t show up. 4) Lastly, no entrance fee until the final tournament games.

Thanks coach for a great job with this Fall League. Your efforts, and the efforts of your girls did not go unnoticed.

I didn’t talk to Charles, who I’ve known for almost three years, about that, but I suspect it’s all true. Last weekend he threw his JV girls into a game to replace a team that forfeited, to give the other team someone to play against. I love old school people with class.