Michael Cooper holds first USC press conference

Whoa! Not used to seeing the man in rust and yellow.

Funny because last night at the Lynwood league, I was standing there talking to a coach about Cooper’s new job. Coach said, “The pro and college games are SOOOO different! I wonder if Cooper knows that?”

Apparently not:

On the difference between coaching WNBA and coaching college:

“It’s not going to be that great (of a difference). It’s basketball, and coaching is coaching no matter what level. I’ve coached at many levels even going back to coaching my son when he was 6 and 7 years old. The talent level is not as high as you would have in the WNBA, but the level of wanting to learn, that’s the level I’m going to enjoy coaching here.”

I’m definitely going to have to catch some Trojan games this season besides the times they play UCLA.