Calypso Basketball


First and foremost, a reliable source reports that Lady Vol Amber Gray is steadily recovering from the stroke she had in July due to a brain aneurysm. Her eye that had been drooping in now back to normal, and she is going to skip the fall semester at UT and begin school again in January. Good to hear this.

Yesterday I tried to post this piece about the Vols off-season last year, but couldn’t figure out how to create a hyperlink with the laptop I was using while out of town. The picture is what gets me. Notice how Pat Summitt isn’t wearing an angry expression. She has really evolved.

This LA Times Candace Parker story is about how she juggles work and motherhood, but that isn’t the part that got me. Exhibit 1: Lookit the kid’s hands! Huge! She will be palming the ball like momma by the time she walks into the first day of kindergarten. Exhibit 2: 15 hours of sleep per day during pregnancy and 12 a day during college? Good god. I haven’t slept that much since I was Lailaa’s age.

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