‘Round the WNBA, and a bit of college

Heyyyy…..Lisa Willis has a new job playing for the Monarchs. The LA native, who played for the Sparks and the Liberty before being cut last spring, was signed to a seven-day contract today to play up north. I guess all that pickup at the gym has paid off.

Meanwhile, today another LA native and UCLA alumni – Noelle Quinn – hosted a Nike event in Hollywood today for the Chatsworth High School basketball team. Lucky girls.

And surprise, surprise: Kat Lyons is back at Marist, and playing for the team. She is the player whose scholarship was cut after she admitted depression. A lawsuit she brought against the University was thrown out last month.

Finally, Nikki Caldwell hasn’t has a “pondering” on twitter in a while, but today’s is a doozy:

Nikki Caldwell Pondering: Why do fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

I’m still smiling four hours later.