WNBA standings

As of this moment, the league standings look like this:

Western Conference

Phoenix 17-8
Seattle 13-11
San Antonio 11-13
Minnesota 11-13
Los Angeles 9-13
Sacramento 7-18

Eastern Conference

Indiana 19-5
Atlanta 13-11
Washington 12-11
Connecticut 12-11
Chicago 13-12
Detroit 9-13
New York 8-15

Random musings:

Seattle. What happened? They started out so strong, and have had a grip of losses this month that have dropped their standing and killed their momentum. Jayda Evans of the Seattle Times promised she’d have some answers in a blog the other day, so I look forward to her theories.

Atlanta. What happened? No one expected them to be in second place in the East. What kind of Wheaties are they eating, juice are they drinking to keep winning so many games lately? Have they clicked together as a team? Maybe pt will know.

Is the Western Conference really that much more difficult than the Eastern Conference? I don’t think so, but for some reason, four of six Western teams are below .500, compared to two of seven Eastern teams.

Sacramento. After seeing them in person Friday night, me and mine don’t understand why they have the record that they do. As one of my section mates commented last night, “they’ve got some ballers!” Brunson and Powell, for starters. If Whisenant can’t bring more out of them, he should fire himself.

Los Angeles. I didn’t mention Friday that both Lisa Leslie and Candace Parker had heated words with Coach Michael Cooper during the game at one point. Tension on the team was visibly high, and as they all sulked into the tunnel after the game, I was thinking that you couldn’t pay me enough to be on the plane yesterday morning. But they won in Sacramento, and handily, too. LA fans are hot, though. On the Sparks message board, people are calling for Cooper’s head. Some have said that it’s not his fault if all the vets can’t mesh, and others say its his job to make them fit together.

I wonder if owners Kathy Goodman and Carla Christofferson have started thinking about a replacement for next year, yet? I really hope so.